Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG’s product range incorporates the key areas of DIY, hardware and gardening equipment, as well as a wide range of home, bathroom, decorative and seasonal products.


DIY machines & accessories

LUX’s machine tools are distinguished by such attributes as power, longevity and user-friendly operation. Each individual machine must undergo several tests on-site and in the laboratory, to ensure that it sufficiently meets LUX’s high quality standards. That is indeed also the case for machine accessories. LUX’s broadly diversified range of machines includes screwdrivers, drills, sanders, saws, welding and soldering equipment and staplers, as well as drill bits, cutters, abrasives, grinders, abrasive material, soldering agents, and much more.


Manual & construction tools

A good tool = half the work. That is true for both professionals and DIYers. LUX offers a wide range of good-quality, reliable tools for all requirements. We have everything you need – for example for working with or processing wood, metal, tiles and building materials, or for wallpapering and painting. The LUX range offers hammers, saws, pincers, screwdrivers, paintbrushes, rollers and tarpaulins, as well as tile cutters, spirit levels, trowels, and much more.


Workshop &technology

Practical aids for work protection, transport and storage make work easier and safer. LUX offers many such aids for the workshop and the construction site. They are carefully selected, thoroughly tested, and maintain LUX’s high quality standards. Our range includes head and eye protection, gloves and ladders, as well as screws, nails, chains and ropes, crates, boxes, organiser boxes and shelves.



Summer is not the only season in which you can enjoy a beautiful, well-kept garden. LUX has the right tool for any gardening activity – working in the flowerbeds, trimming the hedges or mowing the lawn has never been easier. And for that extra bit of comfort, LUX offers everything from pavilions to sun shades, to make your garden even more enjoyable. The LUX garden range includes tools, lawn mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and shredders, as well as barbecues, garden furniture, plant pots and greenhouses.


Bathroom fittings

A modern bathroom is a place of relaxation – so long as the design and technology in it are exactly to your liking. That is why LUX has developed a broad range of bathroom fittings which is constantly adapted to the latest design trends and state-of-the-art bathroom technologies. Our aim is to deliver the right products for any taste at any time. For bathrooms and WCs, LUX offers a vast range of products, including sanitary installations, ceramics, taps, and tub and shower screens, as well as toilet seats, shower heads, bathroom accessories, etc.


Home & décor

An attractive, comfortable home needs the right atmosphere. To develop this perfectly and individually, LUX offers a diverse range of homewares and décor. High-quality, attractive, and in-line with the latest designs and trends. This range includes home textiles such as towels, curtains and cushions, as well as carpets, indoor and outdoor lighting, and picture frames.